We are a committed group fueled by beer. In order to refuel, we often stop off at a pub, restaurant or bar.

Recently (yes, it was decided over a beer) we decided to save our friends some time and effort by creating the BestPubs mobile app to give a heads-up on their location of choice. It is really simple:

we have chosen a few simple products to give an idea of price;

we will where applicable rate the general ambiance (vibe for the younger generation);

we always rate the service experience, not only service itself, but also how bad service is dealt with by management;

we also may rate parking… this seems trivial, but if you can’t park and it isn’t safe, you won’t really want to go there.

DISCLAIMER – Obviously, we try not to be partial to any venue and we only rate our actual experience. So if one of us has a bad day and opts for a lousy rating, the rest of us will overrule the drunken peasant for a fair result.